We offer certification- and consultancy services for companies of all sizes

Chain of custody certification

We offer simple and cost-effective
solutions to all FSC® and PEFC™
certification issues that you might need professional help with.


We train you on the new EUDR rules and help you develop tailor-made due diligence systems to meet EUDR requirements.

Q&E management systems

We help you in the development and introduction of environmental, quality and social responsibility management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.

Hydrogen economy

We help you evaluate your hydrogen project ideas, or analyze how you can become part of the ecosystem of the future hydrogen economy.


Alcea is a company that helps other companies and organizations in, for instance, the wood and paper industry develop their operations towards lower environmental impact, higher quality, and a safer operating environment, thus creating a long-term sustainable and cost-effective business.

Here are a few examples of our assignments from recent years.

Pölkky Metsä

Help with development of FSC chain of custody certification system incl. FSC, CW, DDS.

Inter IKEA Systems

Assisting in system development and evaluating suppliers and subcontractors to enable FSC labeling in the IKEA catalog.

Metsä Group

Inspection of subcontractors in accordance with FSC Controlled Wood requirements.

Metsä Group

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