Chain of custody certification

Alcea provides simple and cost-effective solutions to all your questions regarding FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification.

What is FSC and PEFC?

Customers on the global market require more and more that their supplier’s ensure that the wood used in their products comes from sustainably managed forests. To ensure this, customers often require products to be certified under recognised forest certification schemes such as FSC or PEFC. Forest certification aims to create an environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable use of the world’s forests.

How do a company get the right to sell certified products?

For your company to fulfill the customer requirements, you must have your own chain of custody certificate and use certified raw material in the products concerned. These requirements apply to both production and trading companies. To be certified, your company’s operations must fulfill the requirements of the respective traceability standard and an independent certifier must have reviewed and approved your chain of custody system.

What is required to become certified?

The chain of custody standards requires systems and procedures to ensure that the company has control over the certified material throughout the purchase, production, storage and sales process. This includes, among other things: 

  • Procedures for the purchase and sale of certified materials.
  • Volume monitoring of purchased, sold and stored certified material.
  • Internal tracking of certified material.
  • Procedures for using the certification scheme’s trademarks.

How can Alcea help your company?

The requirements for chain of custody certification can be perceived by many as complicated and difficult to interpret. Many companies are therefore reluctant to take this step because they do not know how to proceed. At Alcea, we have very good knowledge of the chain of custody requirements in both the FSC and PEFC standards and we have extensive experience in developing functional systems for companies of all types and sizes. We can therefore help you to develop a tailor-made system that suits your company’s business.

We help to build, train and develop according to the customer’s specific needs, and we always offer personal service based on solid experience. With us, the customer is at the center, and we therefore put a lot of focus on good communication with the customer throughout the process. In this way, the work is customized to the company, the results are useful, and the time-consumption is efficient.


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